Electronic Cigarette CE9 Atomizer:
1. Wholesale price
2. Different colors
3. No leakage, cracking & burning taste
Cigarette holdertype: Flat or Round
Form: Tubular
Atomizing head: Fixed
Diameter: 14mm Length: 77.6mm
Cartridge capacity: 2.4ml
Atomizer resistance: 2.0-2.8Ω
A single weight: 25g
Thread interface: 510


Features and advantages of CE9:
1). Easy to check the remaining capacity
Transparent atomizer with dial gauge.
2). Large capacity, easy to use.
Easy to assemble, vape and clean, even for new e cigarette user. It can be used without the help of needle cap.
3). Environmentally friendly and healthy care products
No tin soldering. It adopts environment protection glass fiber wick and doesn't contain tar.
4). Wonderful vaping feeling
Huge vapor and smooth smoking. No burnt taste.
5). Elegant appearance with various colors for your choice
Purple/blue/green/red/transparent/yellow/grey(can be customized).
6). E cigarette/e-cigarette 510 Screw thread...