An electronic cigarette, commonly called an e cig, is a nicotine delivery system designed to provide users with a predetermined amount of nicotine in the form of vapor rather than smoke. Depending on the type and design, it may look very much like a regular tobacco cigarette. On the other hand, it may resemble nothing of the sort, featuring various sizes, colorful patterns and metal or plastic accents. Whatever its appearance, the e cigarette is made to serve a variety of purposes, chief of which involves the satisfaction of a nicotine craving in a way that feels like smoking, all without the negative side effects of tobacco cigarettes.


The Growth and Future of E-Cigs

Since their official arrival in the United States in 2007, e-cigarettes have rapidly become America's favorite way to go smoke-free. Current estimates put the number of e cig users at approximately 2.5 million now and, over the next few years, the market is expected to grow into a 3 billion dollar business endeavor with no signs of slowing.

Even considering the success of electronic cigarettes and an overwhelmingly positive consumer response to these products, there are those who would rather see them removed from the shelves and banned throughout the country. However, despite multiple attempts by the FDA and other prohibitionist factions to suppress the e cig market in the U.S., loyal consumers and resilient businesses have consistently prevailed.

The factors behind the electronic cigarette's bright future are numerous, ranging from affordability and convenience to avoiding serious health risks. Awareness regarding the many unseen dangers of tobacco has increased exponentially over the past decade, largely due to funding and campaigning from organizations like The Foundation for a Smokefree America, The Truth, The National Center for Tobacco Free Kids, and Action on Smoking and Health. This awareness, combined with effective advertising and abundant accessibility, has led to a continuous rise in the number of long-time smokers making the permanent switch to electronic cigarettes.

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